Tuesday, 16 June 2020


Dark Clear Skies
Photography and tutorials by
Darryl W. Van Gaal

I Can See in the Dark, Can You?


Tips, Tricks & How to's

I have organised several tips like  camera settings that will help you  capture that perfect image. 

 Post processing techniques that  will help you get the most from  your images.

 Even tips on how to extend the life  of batteries when shooting in the  cold.

My Deep Space Images

I have spent countless hours behind a telescope, camera and a computer honing my skills photographing nebula, galaxies and other objects.  

It's a learning curve that is quite steep and full of many failed attempts. 

I will never be totally satisfied with my efforts, but with that being said, I have been lucky a few times and would like to share those moments with you!
My Landscape Astrophotography

My Landscape Astrophotography

There is nothing more awe inspiring than looking up and seeing  our own galaxy.

 I'm blessed with the opportunity and skill-set to be able to  capture imagery like this.
Just like all other forms of  photography, landscape  astrophotography is a skill that needs to be practiced to perfect.  
There are no magic settings.  Each situation is slightly different  and needs to be compensated for.
My Daytime Photography